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Christmas is coming, Santa is on his way. The best method of spotting him is to buy a telescope.

Yes, forget the X-box and Playstation, buy something that is educational, gets you and the kids out in the fresh!!! air and admire the wonders of the universe.

Ah, but these things are expensive, you say. NO is the simple answer.

For the price of 2 computer games you can buy one of a variety of telescopes which can be used for astronomy, bird watching or spying on those pesky neighbours, whoops, scratch that.

To start, £ 54.99 will buy you a Sky-Watcher Heritage 76 Telescope, maximum magnification of 150 times, comes with 2 eyepieces, weighs 1.75 kg and is ready to use out the box.

Next we have the Young Starter Astronomy Pack: Celestron Firstscope Bundle which is £ 112, however at the moment it is on offer for as low as £69.00, depending on where you look. This includes: - Celestron FirstScope Telescope - Celestron Firstscope Accessory Kit - 100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky (Stars and Constellation Education Card) - The Solar System Book, 2 eyepieces, weighs 1.956 kg and has a magnification of 75 times with the eyepieces supplied.