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covering the Northern Yorkshire Dales

On Friday 5th October 2018 Terry Rayner led a delegation from the group to present a 2nd hand Dobsonian Telescope and accessories to Wensleydale School for their Astronomy course. This telescope is almost twice as powerful as their current telescope, and will be joined in due course by a dual purpose all-sky and  telescope eyepiece camera paid for out of money collected by the Group.  

 On Monday 8th October 2018 we held an open evening to welcome members of TIGHR (The  International Guild of Hand-Hooking Rug-makers) who were holding their triennial conference in Reeth. Around 30 people - members and guests from around the world  - attended for a talk on the Solar System followed by a telescope & photograph display as it was cloudy outside. The talk was a review of  some of the things we  have discovered in the 60 years of  exploration since the first soviet Luna probes photographed the dark side of the moon in the late 1950's. The talk was a then-and-now presentation using Patrick Moore's 1958 "Boys Book of Astronomy" as the starting point. It was interesting to see the ideas that had changed since the late 1950's, when, for example, many astronomers still believed there was plant-life on Mars, and those that hadn't - there were questions about Pluto's status as a planet even then. Money raised by the evening will be split between the host venue (which was made available without charge) and Swaledale Mountain Rescue.

Part of the Milky Way as seen from Reeth on 9th October 2018.

Canon EOS 5D Mk II camera with Sigma 24mm lens.

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