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Observing/Astro-imaging Session on Saturday 13th April 2019

A small group of us met up at in Hill Close, Reeth to do some visual observing and then some imaging of Globular Cluster M3.  Globular clusters are strange balls of thousands of stars which orbit our Milky Way galaxy.  Even though they are a long way away (M3 is over 30,000 light years away) many of them are bright enough to see in binoculars. With reasonable magnification a camera attached to a small telescope can reveal many individual stars and something of their colour. The picture below left was taken from Reeth at the end of March with a 6 inch (150mm) telescope and a relatively low cost ZWO AS120 astronomy web camera.  The slightly more detailed picture below right was taken during the April session with a 9¼ inch (235mm) telescope and a mid-range camera of similar resolution and with the ability to stack images as it goes – gradually sharpening them in the process. The stars tend towards the red-end of the spectrum – appearing yellow or orange – because many of them are what are known as red dwarves or red giants. Neither image is perfect – but they show what ordinary amateurs can do with relatively modest equipment.