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Bootes  (The Herdsman): Constellation of the Month for May 2019

Bootes – (the herdsman) is a prominent summer constellation, which can easily be located by following the last bit of the handle of the plough. Look for a kite shape with a very bright star at its base. This star – Arcturus - is a red giant star which is the third brightest star in the sky.  Another notable star is Izar, which is a triple star system. Small telescopes under moderate magnification will show you two of these – an orange giant star and a fainter blue main-sequence star. The third star is much fainter.   Bootes doesn’t have any bright deep sky objects (galaxies, nebulae or clusters) but it is unusual in that astronomers have discovered that beyond our galaxy in this direction is something called the Bootes Void – a huge sphere of almost empty space with relatively few very faint galaxies.