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Virtual meeting - May 2020       N.B. Links open in new window each time

Astronomy News:

1) Vulcanism and Solar Activity - Mike Evershed

2) Betelgeuse update - Mike Evershed

3) Budget astronomy  - Sean Murcott

4) Video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRoFUj0cNt8

Sean found this video, it’s genuinely interesting (if a bit alternative in delivery). It’s from an experienced Astrophotographer who wondered if it would be possible to take shots with a £600 budget set up that were as good as his £6000 set up. (spolier alert) He almost succeeded.

N.B. The video is quite long so it is suggested you watch it in advance.

5) Any new kit to discuss? …

Recent pictures:

  N.B. Some images are large files for high resolution so may take a while to load.

1) M81 and M82 - Paul Clark

2) M101 - Paul Clark


3) Saturn, Moon and Jupiter - Paul Clark

4) Low Row Graveyard - Paul Clark

5) Old Gang Mill and Beck - Paul Clark

6) Old Gang Mill wide - Paul Clark

7) Old Gang Mill - Paul Clark

8) M94 Cat’s Eye or Croc’s Eye Galaxy in Canes Venatici. - Mike Walton